Amanda Moore is a self taught artist best known for her hauntingly surreal visions which evoke a magical tenderness uniting the beautiful relationships between nature and spirit. Her passion for wildlife conservation and understanding the natural world that surrounds us fuels her passion to learn and grow through her works.

“ I can remember being very young and feeling a deep reverence for nature and art. The need to create intensified as I got older, like a bond between old friends, it’s really never allowed me to stray too far away from it.

The process of letting go and manually rendering various connections through visual elucidations continue to help me translate this peculiar buisness of humaning and how I experience my story.

My hope is to inspire a primordial remembrance of the magic around us that makes a live worth living. To stir curiosity, to initiate a visual invitation that awakens a deeper understanding of those more ethereal joining veils between this world and the next.”